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“Being The Person God Created You To Be”

I am currently reading Messy Spirituality by Michael Yaconelli. In it, I came across a story that really moved me. There is a section where Michael points out what he appreciates about one of the characters from the story. I … Continue reading

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Grace family, Due to impending weather, Grace Community Church will not have services this Sunday, January 31, 2010. As this is written there is no snow falling, but the weather forecast is currently very threatening for our area, so the … Continue reading

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Cool Cross Street Story

So I am in my office this morning preparing schedules for Sunday when all of a sudden Katrina (Director of Grace Acres) walks into my room with a bright smile on her face. She tells me that she has a … Continue reading

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Cross Street: 2010

As the Children’s Pastor here at Grace Community Church, I am always trying to look ahead. What needs to be improved? What’s the next step? God is continually moving this ministry forward, but God also has me step back sometimes … Continue reading

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