Cross Street: 2010

As the Children’s Pastor here at Grace Community Church, I am always trying to look ahead. What needs to be improved? What’s the next step? God is continually moving this ministry forward, but God also has me step back sometimes and look at where we are right now.
Those moments usually occur on Sundays when all is in full swing. All around me the wheels of ministry are turning, but for a moment all slows down for me in order to step back and look at what God is up to. He shows me the smiling faces of children having a blast while learning about God in small groups. He shows me kids dancing and singing during Large Group, praising our mighty Father. And this past Sunday God showed me what He is up to through a prayer designed by our 4th and 5th Grade boys. Their group leader, Judy, approached me after the 10:00 service with a smile on her face and a poster in her hand.
“Hey Adam, I just wanted you to read a prayer our boys came up with,” she said. Our Bottom Line in Cross Street this past Sunday was “If you want to know God Better, then Talk to Him”, and Judy carried out an activity where all the guys would help design a prayer. Here it is:

“Dear God, we praise You for our church and community. Thank you for sending Jesus to Earth. We ask Your help and blessings on the people of Haiti. Help us lead a life that glorifies You. Forgive us our sins and let us learn our memory verse. Continue our faith in You. Thank you for teaching us to pray. Amen.”

Change is good, and thinking ahead is a necessity. But to be honest with you, as long as I see God crafting the hearts of our Cross Street kids in such a mighty way, then I will be blessed to be a part of such a movement.

About Adam Bayne

I'm the Children's Pastor at Grace Community Church in Clarksville, TN, a heavyweight Disney nerd, a lightweight sports fan, and an all-out fan of my wife and two daughters.
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