Family Ministries . . . UNITE

At Grace, when we mention family ministries we are talking about Grace Acres (Preschool), Cross Street (K-5th), The MIX (Middle School), ReMIX (High School), and Aqua (College).

For Family Ministries to function most effectively we must collaborate, share resources, and promote each others’ ministries. As silos we are weak, but united we can truly take the concept of serving a little baby, watching her grow, and investing in her all the way up through her college years by family team leaders linking arms and supporting one another.

This is easy to talk about, but sometimes tough to put into action. For example, this weekend is a HUGE time for our Middle and High School kids as they go off to Gatlinburg and partake in an awesome event called Crave, along with their group leaders. The only problem . . . about three-fourths of Grace Acres and Cross Street volunteers are going as well! AAAHHH!!!! WHAT ABOUT SUNDAY!!!! AAAAHHHH!!! LOL!

What about Sunday? Nothing is cooler than some of our volunteers getting to go and invest in the lives of our Middle and High School kids! Nothing. Back home the Director of Grace Acres and I are making the adjustments needed to pull off Sunday with our kids with excellence and are supporting Crave at the same time because we believe in each others’ ministries.

All this is SMALL POTATOES compared to the many ways Aqua, The Mix, and ReMIX invests in our ministries.

Bottom line: It only makes sense for our family team to link up and work together since our kids will eventually pass through all of our ministries. It’s the only way a family team can call themselves healthy.

About Adam Bayne

I'm the Children's Pastor at Grace Community Church in Clarksville, TN, a heavyweight Disney nerd, a lightweight sports fan, and an all-out fan of my wife and two daughters.
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1 Response to Family Ministries . . . UNITE

  1. I think that it can be very easy to get caught up in yourself. The simple fact is you are you, you’ll always be looking out for yourself. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look out for the best interests of those who you care a lot about. Thank you for reminding us that it’s okay that you do something even if it’s going to make it harder for yourself. You are supporting the other ministries by allowing your volunteers to help them out; now you have to find some more volunteers for your Sunday. And when you step back, it is not a big deal and life will go on.

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