Avoiding Burnout for Passionate Leaders

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE my job. I love dreaming BIG, pushing myself to reach new heights, and creating new elements for the Kids Ministry I lead. But, with this intensity can come burn out if I am not careful. Here are some things I am currently learning about my self and how I can keep from reaching a “burn out” phase:

1. To be in the Word and to live a prayerful existence is the best thing I can do to keep from burning out. It sounds so cliche almost when someone tells you to “get in the Word” or “get on your knees” when you are seeking guidance during a stressful time. But I am constantly reminded time and time again of the power of God’s Word and the almost instant rejuvenation I receive from taking and listening to my God.

2. To daily spend time with those I am madly in love with . . . who provide ME with strength. I am “in the middle” of being extroverted and introverted, but at my core I am an introvert because I gather strength from within. BUT there are two other human beings who defy this label . . . my wife and my little girl. No other human beings on this planet actually give me strength. Don’t get me wrong, I very much enjoy being around my friends and family, but even they normally “take away” strength no mater how small of an amount it might be.

3. If you do not have a boss who helps you steer clear from “burn out”, then find a mentor you trust who will help. Luckily, our Family Pastor and our Serve Pastor have my back with this. They are helping me see the warning signs and assessing whether or not I am doing too much at once. If I didn’t have these guys, I would go on the lookout for another professional (with tons of experience) and ask if he or she would help me along the way. Scheduling once a week, or once a month, meetings to look over everything that is going on in order to receive feedback would be a very smart move.

4. Think of activities that you are PASSIONATE about and try to do at least one of them everyday. Is it working out? Painting? Writing? For me it’s music, and it just so happens that I am working on an album for Cross Street (our kids min). I try to spend at least an hour a day working on this project because I love music so much. It frees my mind and provides clarity.

5. Decorate your work space HOWEVER you can to provide an environment that motivates you. For me I chose a color for the walls that is calming (light blue), pictures of my wife and child (remember, they provide me with strength), and other elements that inspire me.

6. Schedule your weeks, not just your days. Go ahead and map out what your week will look like ahead of time . . . leaving room for the unexpected.

Like I said, I am currently learning how to avoid burnout. I will always be super passionate and work hard for what God has called me to do, so I need to process through what will keep me on fire so that I can carry out my mission with excellence.

About Adam Bayne

I'm the Children's Pastor at Grace Community Church in Clarksville, TN, a heavyweight Disney nerd, a lightweight sports fan, and an all-out fan of my wife and two daughters.
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