Kids Pastors: Destroy the “Superstar”

Life in Kids Ministry is fast-paced! Around every corner you’ll find 100 more things to do. Within this very consuming career which we love with all of our hearts it is easy to take on too much, and when we get to that point not only do we become super-exhausted & super-frustrated, but we also, without sometimes knowing, take on a mindset that we have to simply endure in order to be a SUPERSTAR KIDS PASTOR!!!

The problem is that there is only one SuperStar Kids Pastor . . . Jesus. The rest of us must take a step back from time to time and process our roles as leaders and determine if tasks we are carrying out are stuff WE need to be doing in the first place . . . because, bottom line: you are not going to be excellent at ALL of the myriad of roles that can be taken on as a Kids Pastor.

So how do we keep ourselves from falling into this tricky mindset? 1st, we need to think through roles we know without a doubt do not fall within our skill set. BE HONEST! It may be that you are SUPER creative but are lacking when it comes to relationships. You might be a GREAT storyteller who can train others well, but you have no idea what to do on the worship side of things.

Within this process you will be tempted to do something dangerous: compare yourself to Kids Pastors you see on twitter or who lead a ministry down the street . . . STAY OUT OF THOSE WATERS. Why? Because those thoughts are not productive and will only leave you feeling down for no good reason at all. Throw that thought in the trash as soon as it pops up.

OK, so you have this list now of things you believe fall out of your skill sets . . . no shame. At this point it is time to look at your team and DELEGATE, DELEGATE, DELEGATE . . . AMEN! You have a team of folks with super talents . . . they want to do more I promise . . . set them free to do what you can’t.

Next, spend time processing your strengths. This step is super-fun and super-exciting because you are going into this process knowing you will now have the time to carry out these tasks and you will have a blast doing it.

Remember, there is no set mold of what a Kids Pastor SHOULD be . . . and you were asked to take on this role because others believe in you. You might be great as an administrator, but you struggle with the creative side of Kids Ministry . . . WHO CARES!!! I say that because you will find peeps on your team that are SUPER CREATIVE! God has chosen you to lead your Kids Min . . . others have rallied around you . . . this is your moment, OWN IT.

In the end, simply celebrate the unique styles of leadership within today’s Kid Ministry and know that each leader across America has strengths and lots of weaknesses that will make us look very different in how we function . . . it doesn’t make one better than the other.

About Adam Bayne

I'm the Children's Pastor at Grace Community Church in Clarksville, TN, a heavyweight Disney nerd, a lightweight sports fan, and an all-out fan of my wife and two daughters.
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