Kid Min Leaders: Healthy Accountability Partnership

It’s obvious to us when we think about Senior Pastors needing accountability partnerships, right? What about Youth Pastors? Sure. What about Kids Pastors and Kid Min Leaders? The truth is, accountability partnerships and Kids Ministry are not connected as tightly as they should be.

That might be OK if your Kids Ministry consists of the same five kids every Sunday and all you do is place them in a back room to goof off and color. But for those leading ministries on the move and seeing Jesus doing amazing things in these environments, we need to be always falling more and more in love with our Savior; having peeps in your life you can share your struggles and victories with can help in that process. In reality, Cross Street (our K-5th Ministry) runs about 300 (kids and adult volunteers) . . . that’s more than most churches have as a whole. Some of my group leaders minister to about 30 kids every Sunday . . . THAT’S A BIG DEAL!! Guess what, Kids Ministry is a BIG DEAL and guess who knows this as well . . . Satan. He wants to snuff me out along with the amazing volunteers in Cross Street. He wants nothing more than our kids to be so distracted that their faith becomes nothing more than an afterthought.

So, with that being said, I need to be in an accountability partnership without a doubt! And I need to encourage my peeps who lead these amazing kids to commit to accountability partnerships as well. Here is what I would encourage others to think through before committing to a partnership:


I am currently in an accountability partnership with two guys. IT IS AWESOME! The chances of all three of us being in a funk or giving in to the “isolation-temptation” all at once is pretty slim. If one of the guys is struggling and needing support then he has TWO dudes right there ready to support him. At our monthly hang out sessions it is lively and conversations are going on from start to finish. BAM!

One of our dudes is extremely busy this week getting ready for a missions trip and finishing up some exams . . . that guys is slammed. No worries, my other brother from another mother is there for me if I need to talk . . . and vice versa. You get the point . . .

2. Don’t pick a family member or a best friend since birth . . . HA!

I have been in accountability partnerships with Best Friends and Family . . . it doesn’t work too well. Why? Because in a partnership you are always fighting to maintain a mindset of spiritual support for one another. Accountability partnerships with those who are too close to us usually fail because we eventually give in and allow the partnership to fade away and allow the dynamics of the relationship that existed prior to the accountability partnership to take over. That means we stop fighting for our spiritual growth as a priority and care more about whatever dynamics existed before.

In a healthy Accountability Relationship the concern is more about seeing your partners fall more in love with Jesus than anything else, and allowing them to build you up in your faith walk as well.

3. Communication needs to occur almost daily

This sounds hard core, but it isn’t. My accountability partners and I simply text to check in with each other and share what God is doing in our lives for the most part. We email, talk over the phone, and we see each other at church. Once a month we meet and have dinner to hang out and to talk about how God is shaping us.

Constant communication is very important for two reasons:

A. We, as human beings, are a complete mess, from head to toe. Billy Graham is a complete mess . . . Rick Warren is a complete mess . . . and Adam Bayne is definitely a COMPLETE MESS. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t have personal sins trying to knock me off track. I need my accountability Bro’s to watch my back DAILY.

B. In accountability partnerships you are always fighting the Isolation Monster. “I won’t call them . . . they don’t need to know about this sin. I’m gonna keep this one between me and God.” Excuses, excuses, excuses; they are an accountability killer. As long as my partners and I consistently stay in contact we’ll put the Isolation Monster in  a head lock. BOOM!

If you are in a thriving kids ministry, whether you have 10 kids or 1,000, whether a pastor or volunteer, you need to consider forming accountability partnerships. God is doing some awesome stuff in kids min these days, and kids are falling in love with Jesus . . . ready for a deeper walk with Christ like I’ve never seen before. But that also means our enemy will be after us more than ever to keep us down so that we’ll eventually walk away from investing in the lives of our kids.

So what do you say? You in?


About Adam Bayne

I'm the Children's Pastor at Grace Community Church in Clarksville, TN, a heavyweight Disney nerd, a lightweight sports fan, and an all-out fan of my wife and two daughters.
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