Nuturing Wonder in a Kid’s Life

This morning I was playing with my daughter in her room. I came across a little, pink, sparkly bouncy ball. Emma and I started rolling it back and forth, but soon her attention was elsewhere. There I was . . . laying on my back holding a pink, sparkly bouncy ball. I started to stare at the sparkles within the ball as I held it up to the light. It looked like a tiny universe in the calm of my hand.

That’s when I started to experience deja vu. When this happens my mind begins to race, thinking through past scenarios when I might have been in a similar situation that would be the reason for my brain triggering a deja vu moment. But you know what, I couldn’t remember any recent events where I had been day dreaming while looking into a sparkly bouncy ball.

Then it hit me . . . maybe my brain is recalling moments from my childhood where I would get lost staring into the twinkling universe residing in these awesome, bouncy balls. That reminded me of the wonder I used to see in the world as a kid. Colors were so much more beautiful, my imagination was so much stronger, and all my senses seemed to be geared to pinpoint the fascinating.

Kids are like that you know, they are searching for the fascinating. They want their imaginations to be free and unlimited. In Kids Ministry we want to capture and build upon our kids imaginations by sharing God’s amazing story. We want our kids to stare up at the stars at night in awe of our amazing God . . .mesmerized that the same God who created the stars loves them deeply.

But how do we “take” our kids to this place on a Sunday morning? The answer doesn’t involve an amazing stage and lots of effects (although those things definitely help). There are three components that will help any kids ministry, no matter how small, take there kids ministry to the next level in order to help kids not just know God . . . but to lead them to become fascinated by our brilliant Creator. Here they are:

1. Worship leaders who are fascinated by God . . .

2. Storytellers who are fascinated by God . . .

3. Small Group Leaders who are fascinated by God . . .

Bottom line: These three roles need to be filled with not just anybody . . . but those who know what it means to be bright-eyed, curious, and in love with Jesus. Those who can dig deep on Sunday morning and find that Kid inside of them that loves to worship & teach about our awesome God.

Not much impresses a kid more than parents and leaders who love them showing an exciting love for Jesus. When they see us crazy in love with Jesus, kids have a model of what they are after in their relationship with God. If you place boring leaders who would rather be ANYWHERE else than at church every Sunday . . . well, kids are watching and learning that behavior. They will begin to think a relationship with Jesus looks something like that . . . pretty scary, right?

So any roles where leaders will be worshiping, teaching, and living life with kids needs to be filled with the right people. BE PICKY! Turn people away from these roles if necessary. I promise you it will pay off and take your kids ministry to the next level.


About Adam Bayne

I'm the Children's Pastor at Grace Community Church in Clarksville, TN, a heavyweight Disney nerd, a lightweight sports fan, and an all-out fan of my wife and two daughters.
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