Kids Ministry Volunteers at Grace Community Church: Step Up or Step Down

Are you a volunteer in the Kids Ministry at Grace? Are you interested in volunteering? If so, then this blog is for you.

First, I want to thank all of our faithful and passionate volunteers fighting for the hearts of my little girl and the hundreds of other wonderful kids under our care. Through loving relationships between Kids Min Volunteers and kids we knock down walls in the name of Jesus Christ and partner with parents to help our little ones (from birth to 5th Grade) grow in their relationship with Jesus . . . what an important task we have in front of us . . . To tell you the truth, few things on a Sunday morning are more important than what you guys do each and every Sunday at Grace.
For the past year my staff and key volunteers have worked hard to make improvements in our Kids Min systems . . . and even though we will always have things to improve upon I feel like we have taken great strides in building and maintaining wonderful systems for our children and parents. With that being said, we are now entering a new season in our ministry where I am “laser-focused” on the heart of volunteers and kids like never before . . . this next year will be all about RELATIONSHIPS.

Relationships are messy and difficult . . . they are rewarding and challenging . . . but if your goal is to reach the heart of another human being then a relationship is the only way to make that happen. In our Kids Ministry this year we’ll fight like we’ve never fought before to build true, lasting small groups where volunteers can invest in and build relationships with kids and their parents.

But to build up small groups in Wonder Warehouse (our preschool ministry), Cross Street (our K thru 3rd grade ministry), and Revolve (our 4th and 5th grade ministry) we need the right volunteers. We need an army of believers that are willing to make their volunteer role in Kids Min a priority by showing up consistently on Sundays, arriving on time, and coming to church prepared by looking over their lessons before Sunday. From here on out anything less will not be accepted . . . it’s time to go hard or go home folks.

For the next year we as a staff and as volunteers are going to work toward building relationships and accountability partnerships so that we can live out what we want to happen in small groups for kids. This means that mentoring will take place for every volunteer to help growth occur spiritually and to help us improve in our volunteer roles. Our goal is to build a network around volunteers so that when he or she is in need of folks to lean on during times of trouble, we’re there . . . or when you need someone to celebrate with you, we’re there.

In other words, across the board in Kids Min, we’re stepping up. What I need from here on out are staff and volunteers that can give their hearts to this mission we call Kids Ministry. I need an entire army of believers that are willing to rally around our kids and each other, look Satan in the eyes, and with total dependence on Jesus tell our enemy that if they want our kids they’ll have to go through us first . . . I do not need perfect people, I just need believers who are ready to fight for the hearts of kids . . .

So before August 12th I need all of us to ask ourselves some tough questions:

1. Am I willing to make Kids Min a priority?

2. Am I willing to come prepared on Sundays . . . ready to give 110%?

3. Am I willing to complain less and come alongside the church to make our Kids Min better . . . even when times are difficult?

4. Am I willing to joyfully give my time and maybe even break a sweat?

We are entering a season in Kids Min where we all have to step up . . . God has laid on my heart to fight for relationships this year. The Kids Min staff has a solid game plan, and we have solid expectations for ourselves and for our amazing volunteers. The vision God has placed on my heart is to see, after a full year, staff and volunteers challenged and supported to rise to new levels in their volunteer role and as human beings on a journey of faith, and to see kids in small groups where they can be looked in the eyes, listened to, and loved.

I will not compromise with this vision . . . and I will not accept of myself, my staff, and my volunteers anything less than a positive attitude, a hard working spirit, and a noticeable passion to see Jesus move in the hearts of our kids . . .
So here’s the question:

Am I willing to step up and fight or do I need to step down?


About Adam Bayne

I'm the Children's Pastor at Grace Community Church in Clarksville, TN, a heavyweight Disney nerd, a lightweight sports fan, and an all-out fan of my wife and two daughters.
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4 Responses to Kids Ministry Volunteers at Grace Community Church: Step Up or Step Down

  1. Bonnie Bowers says:

    well said adam! i am stepping up! but the combination of stepping up and down can provide an excellent aerobic workout if i must say……..;)

  2. Candee says:

    All I can say is….”AMEN!!” 😀

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