Ways Your Kids Ministry Can Support Youth Ministry

It’s very important that each ministry on your Family Min Team works to support one another . . . here are some ideas of ways your kids min can support the youth ministry at your church:


1. Go out of your way on Thursday to ask how the youth service went the night before. Maybe the youth team just got back from a big event, be the first person to ask how things went and join in on the celebration!

2. Brag to parents in your kids min about the youth ministry. When I’m talking to parents of my 5th graders about camps they’ll experience in our middle school ministry I always remind them that as much fun as their children had at kids camp . . . they’ll have even more fun at youth camps. I even have the same attitude with parents when talking about kids min Sunday morning services compared to Wednesday night services for the youth.

3. Lift up the youth ministry to the children in your kids ministry. It’s our job to transition kids into youth ministry with a level of excitement and anticipation that is unmatched. Few things will help out and honor your youth pastor more than receiving kids who are on cloud 9 because they have “arrived” in youth ministry.


Is your youth ministry planning an event . . . then be the first to offer equipment they could use to enhance their environment. At Grace, tons of volunteers in kids min also serve in the youth ministry. Whenever the youth does something that might pull away volunteers from kids min on a Sunday we don’t get mad and frustrated . . . we adjust kids min that day to allow those volunteers to focus on youth stuff.

Bottom line: There are countless ways for your kids ministry to provide to youth ministry much needed resources and man-power. Set aside time to think about ways you can provide for the youth ministry.


At Grace we created a preteen ministry (4th/5th graders) for the purpose of getting them ready for middle school ministry by:

1. Aligning our goals with the youth ministry . . .

2. Mirroring dynamics, such as small group times based on deep discussion instead of games and activities . . .

3. And promoting Open House night for kids entering 6th grade . . .

Bottom line: For each stage of a child’s life, whether it be preschool or middle school, part of our purpose within each ministry is to prepare that child for the next ministry.


1. Our youth ministry is there for us anytime we need them . . . because we’re on the same team . . .

2. Our youth help support kids min by volunteering . . . I think this is because they see the connection and support from their leaders . . .

3. The biggest win . . . we’re united . . . and that’s priceless . . .

About Adam Bayne

I'm the Children's Pastor at Grace Community Church in Clarksville, TN, a heavyweight Disney nerd, a lightweight sports fan, and an all-out fan of my wife and two daughters.
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