Hear From Parents At GCC About Our Kids Ministry . . .

To all of our current volunteers . . . read these comments from kids, volunteers, and parents and be encouraged. For those of you who are on the fence about whether or not you would like to check out our Kids Min at Grace . . . I hope this blog gets you off the fence and ready to sign up for a Test Drive today . . .

A Wonder Warehouse Dad at GCC . . .

“Since my son is only 13 months old he did not respond much when asked how he liked Wonder Warehouse, so I will speak for him. The volunteers always do a great job and my boy seems to really enjoy his time with others his age. I love that people are already investing in him even while he still doesn’t really understand. A few weeks ago my son came home with a craft with scripture on it that he had scribbled on. It is still hanging proudly on the refrigerator. I can only speak for the baby and 1 year old area, but the volunteers and set up is awesome and I always feel comfortable leaving my child in that environment. The volunteers do a great job asking for your number at pick-up and I really appreciate that level of responsibility.”


Revolve Parent at GCC . . .

“My son and I are relatively new to Grace. We have been going about 2 months now and I finally feel that we have found a new church home.”

“My son attends Revolve on Sunday mornings, he is in the 4th grade. What gets me excited about this is I always ask him if would like to come sit with me and his sister, but he always replies with ‘No mom, I want to go to my church.’ This makes me very happy that in this short time he feels this is ‘his’ church. Revolve has been such a blessing because we attended a different church before my father died, and since then I couldn’t get my son to go back there. He said there were too many bad memories (the funeral). Revolve is great for my son!”

Cross Street/Revolve Parent at GCC . . .

“My kids (ages 5, 7, 9, and 11) love Grace’s kids ministry. In the past (at other churches), the kids complained about going to church, but at Grace they feel safe and loved. They remember what was taught to them, too. I’m thankful for the simplicity of this church and the truth taught there.”


Wonder Warehouse Parent at GCC . . .

“My daughter loves coming to kids’ church. She gets excited as soon as she sees the school building, and some weeks even while we are driving to Grace. She’s only 2.5 but already knows a memory verse or two, and she can usually repeat the bottom line for each week. It helps that 3 kids she knows from our community group are in her small group on Sundays, but we are encouraging her to get to know the other kids as well. No complaints here!”


Cross Street Parent at GCC . . .

“After searching for a church home, my 8 year old son gave Grace’s Cross Street the highest rating and we keep coming back! We even brought his best friend with us last week.”


Wonder Warehouse Parent at GCC . . .

“My 3 year old looks forward to Wonder Warehouse every week.”


A Preteen in Revolve at GCC . . .

“I miss Cross Street but I like Revolve. I like that the teaching is not just the Bible stories that I’ve heard so many times. It’s more like they are teaching us things about life that are important and I can understand.”

A Key Leader in Cross Street and Mother of the Preteen Above at GCC . . .

“So I am smiling because I am loving when kids say they miss Cross Street . . . It means Cross Street is doing good things in their lives and we are excited about that! And I love that my 4th and 5th graders still see me in the hall and wave, run up and hug me or talk to me even after all these weeks. It warms my heart and I miss them too!”


A Middle School Volunteer in Cross Street . . .

“I like Tech in Cross Street and I like the free food.”


Wonder Warehouse Parent at GCC . . .

“While visiting a church in another town, they didn’t have anything for small kids that day, so my daughter had to sit with us. As the pastor was talking, my daughter said loudly to me (she thought she was whispering…ha) ‘Momma, when can we go back to my church…today?’ She is 3 years old.”

“My daughter is quoting bible verses and sings the little Wonder Warehouse songs….and knows some bible stories…in part due to the intentional time the volunteer teachers have with her. She knows that church doesn’t consist of being still and quite…but being active while learning…and feeling safe. Every time we pass by church she points out that that is her church! To her church is fun, and she loves coming. She feels loved and treasured.”


What a 3rd Grader thinks about Cross Street at GCC . . .



One of our Cross Street Kids, with a side note from Mom . . .

“I like the dancing and the music. I like the food at Cross Street Live. I also like the funny things like Karate Joe when they are acting. I like Naomi, Justin, and another girl. I like everything. But I don’t like to dance (but he says he likes the dancing even though he doesn’t like to dance).”


Wonder Warehouse Parent at GCC . . .

“From a parent standpoint, I’m incredibly grateful for the the kids program we have. I realize how important and instrumental Grace has been in my daughter’s life….because she is engaged. She doesn’t have to come to church and be forced to sit still and quite (unnatural for a 3 year old). Instead she thrives and grows…and has learned how to put Truth in her heart.”

“I love how the teachers know her by name. I love how the material is on a level for their little minds to comprehend AND apply. I love that parents get a take home sheet so that we can further the conversation throughout the week.”

“Our family has been attending Grace for a little more than a year now. My daughter loves the twos group! Leaders are awesome, activities and lessons are great! Can’t give enough praise to the two’s class.”


Twin Preteens in Revolve at GCC . . .

“I like it when we go upstairs to Cross Street because we get to see the little kids sing and dance. It’s a lot of fun. And I like it when we read out of the Bible because then I know more about what the Bible says. I also like it after small groups because we get to hang out with our friends.”

His Mom: “When I asked him what he does when hanging out, he replied, ‘We talk, play Wii, and just have a good time.'”

Brother: “I love the video games.”  When asked to speak more specifically about what makes Grace church different from just playing video games at home, he replied, “Of course, the music and games at Cross Street are also a lot of fun.  I also learn about Jesus.  That’s the point of church, right?  I do like learning about God.  And that’s pretty much it.”

His Mom:  “My son has high-functioning autism so he just tells it like it is.  No filter!  LOL!”


A 3 year old in Wonder Warehouse . . .

“Going to church . . . yay its fun!”


A Mother of Youth Volunteers in Kids Min at GCC . . .

“Even though my boys are older now and don’t actually attend Wonder Warehouse, Cross Street, and Revolve…they absolutely LOVE Volunteering in Kids Ministry. My middle schooler especially can’t get there fast enough on Sunday mornings to help. I think he would get there at 6:00 a.m. if I would let him out of the house. So good to see them involved. My high schooler, a small group leader, actually realized how much of an influence he is on a child over Fall Break. The child’s family was camping at Piney Campground and told his dad “My group leader is HERE!”. Our son is realizing what an impact he has on these kids.”


A Wonder Warehouse and Cross Street Parent at GCC . . .

“My son (14 months) goes to the baby room still and I LOVE how patient and loving the women and little girls are with my son, especially because he is kind of emotional and has a little separation anxiety!”
“Also my 8 year old’s small group leader is sweet and so good with the kids!! This is seriously the best church I’ve ever attended. Thanks so much for the hard work and love you put into the children here its what makes us keep coming back!”


A Preteen in Revolve at GCC . . .

“I think it’s fun.  I like how we get the younger kids to get their spirit up.  It’s what I Ioved the most when I was in Cross Street.  I also like having our own little service.  I am learning about sacrifice and the Lord.”


A Cross Street Dad at GCC

My daughter (age 6) LOVES Cross Street and is happy each week.  It is a positive in her life.”


Interested in serving in Grace’s Kids Min? Either email me at adam@gcomchurch.com or go to www.gcomchurch.com/volunteer . . .

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