Thoughts on Collaboration . . .

A friend in ministry recently asked me to share some thoughts about collaboration in ministry for an article she is writing . . .

Thought I’d share my response to her with you guys:

Where do you see various fields in the marketplace reaping the benefits of collaboration?

The arena in today’s marketplace that seems to have the edge in collaboration is one of the church’s greatest competitors, the entertainment industry. Two companies I love, Pixar, with their intentional creative climates, and Disney, with their out of this world Imagineers, can base a large portion of their success on bringing the right people to the table in order to not just come up with great ideas, but to also see those ideas come to life on screen and in wonderful parks.

Random thoughts about collaboration:
1. When I make the choice as a leader to not invite others in on a project I choose a final product that is destined for mediocrity . . . it’s a path that will never lead to what could have been . . .

2. When we as leaders choose not to collaborate, we are exposing bad stewardship on our part by not utilizing one of God’s greatest blessings toward our ministries . . . the time, gifts, and ideas that come from the wonderful people in our churches and in our community.

3. Choosing not to collaborate is like choosing to not use a single dollar of your budget . . . people and money are both wonderful resources that help us in ministry, but the difference is that people are more valuable . . .

4. The path of going “solo” comes with a heavy load that eventually transforms into a burden that caps growth and robs us of joy . . .


How have you worked to collaborate with others in ministry?  (within your church and beyond)

In every event I try and think through a win/win not just for Kids Min but for other ministries in the church . . . and then I bring those leaders in and we all dream together. For example: When we landed on trying out Trunk or Treat for the first time we decided to do it on one of our scheduled Worship Nights for adults . . . which would benefit the Worship team by bringing in even more numbers and it would be a treat for our families as well . . .

I’m working on uniting other Kids Pastors in our area so that we can collaborate more . . . we could learn from each other, plan events together, and even share equipment as needed . . .

I always try and bring in business leaders from our community (who mainly attend Grace) to help make events and our Sunday morning experiences even better . . .  military leaders know how to lead adults well, restaurant owners can lead adults and help with planning for food, building contractors can sit down with me and think through costs for building supplies for sets . . .

About Adam Bayne

I'm the Children's Pastor at Grace Community Church in Clarksville, TN, a heavyweight Disney nerd, a lightweight sports fan, and an all-out fan of my wife and two daughters.
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