A New Vision and Mission in Grace’s Kids Ministry

VisionWe view every Preschool and Children’s Ministry team member at GCC as a Kingdom Builder.

A VISION functions as the “north star” – it is what every Kingdom Builder understands they are accomplishing over the long term.

Our vision is to be the best kids ministry by how we value and love every child and parent.

Simple Ways for Every Leader to Value and Love:

1. Make eye contact and smile.
2. Greet and welcome each and every parent and child. The spirit of hospitality is contagious.
3. Seek out interactions with kids and parents.
4. When things go wrong be the first to offer a solution.
5. Strive to make every Sunday magical by how well you love and value every parent and child.

A Mission Statement defines the present state or purpose of an organization by answering three questions about why an organization exists – WHAT it does; WHO it does it for; and HOW it does what it does.

Our mission is to help kids become growing followers of Jesus by consistently focusing on the three “high’s”: high touch, high quality, and a high dependence on God.


High Touch is how we are relationally strong as a team and willing to build relationships with the children and parents in our ministry.

High Quality is how every role is carried out to the best of each leader’s ability. The excellence we strive for is a part of our worship to God and deserves nothing less than the best we can offer.

High Dependence on God is how we consistently pray for God to use us to strengthen our ministry’s partnership with parents and to see children grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

A Strategy is a plan of action that activates the mission and ensures forward momentum toward the ongoing vision.

Our strategy is to always strive for high touch, high quality, and a high dependence on God in the following ways:

By building relationships with parents and providing support as they lead their child in a growing relationship with Jesus.
Parent partnership is the most important part of our strategy because what happens at home is more important than what happens at church. GCC’s Children’s Ministry is passionate about supporting parents as they take on the role as their child’s most important spiritual influence. Partnership happens when Class Leaders, Class Assistants, and parents know each other by name and interact on Sundays. Also, by providing parents with resources that reinforce what’s being covered on Sundays and help families foster intentional milestone moments in their child’s life.

By creating Large Group experiences where children learn about amazing Bible stories and engage in exciting worship.
Large Group is a time when classes gather together in a whole group setting to experience upbeat songs that allow children to dance and sing as they worship God. It’s also a time for us to focus on God’s Word and drive home the Bottom Line, which is what we want every child to understand more than anything else for that day.

By creating incredible classroom experiences where leaders get to build relationships with children and lead them in fun and creative activities that reinforce the day’s Bible story and Bottom Line.
During class time a child has the opportunity to interact with leaders and other children, forming relationships through fun activities, meaningful conversations, and prayer time. Something that needs to be on the hearts of all leaders in a class is for every child to be looked in the eyes and to have a chance to interact with their leaders. In today’s world it is easy for a child to become a “shadow” overlooked at home and school. We firmly believe that one of our most important roles as a ministry is to make sure that every child is valued and loved . . . THAT THEY ARE NOTICED. This can only be accomplished if leaders Divide and Love during class time.

Divide and Love is a simple strategy where we ask every leader in a class to focus on a small group of children. This happens when the entire group is divided by the number of leaders present so that each leader can focus on a few kids instead of the entire group. Divide and Love ensures that every child is looked in the eyes, listened to, and reminded that an adult has taken out time to invest in their life because they care.

About Adam Bayne

I'm the Children's Pastor at Grace Community Church in Clarksville, TN, a heavyweight Disney nerd, a lightweight sports fan, and an all-out fan of my wife and two daughters.
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4 Responses to A New Vision and Mission in Grace’s Kids Ministry

  1. Jeremy says:

    Good stuff Adam. Thanks for sharing what God has placed on your heart.

  2. Jeremy says:

    Hey Adam. Do you guys use divide and love in place of or in addition to regular attended and led small groups? Or is that just your wording to convey to volunteers and parents that every child is loved and cared for? Thanks again!

    • Adam Bayne says:

      For our preschool ministry, Wonder Warehouse, and our K thru 3rd grade ministry, Cross Street, the Divide and Love strategy is in place of the same small group of kids with the same leader. It’s more of a classroom model with Divide and Love at it’s core to ensure connections are taking place. We encourage all of our leaders to serve every week but are totally ok with every other week and some leaders even serving once a month. In our 4th/5th grade ministry, Revolve, we begin putting the same small group of kids with the same leader every week.

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